Every Boss Should Value a Commercial Cleaning Programme

Every company stands to gain benefits from following a regular commercial office cleaning programme. But it’s not just the facility that benefits from cleanliness. Your work force also gets a boost from working in dust and grime-free environment.

Every boss should understand all the reasons to keep an office as clean as possible. Cleanliness can and does have a positive effect on a company’s workforce, as well as their bottom line.

A Clean Office Boosts Morale

Every employee would rather work in a clean environment than a dirty one. Maintaining a clean working environment improves a worker’s self-esteem and this leads to an improvement in the morale among the workforce.

Good morale means less stress in the workplace. Stress leads to errors in job performance and errors can add up and, beyond the time lost in correcting them, can cost the company money.

Having a commercial office cleaning company perform the cleaning chores also means that you value your employees to do the jobs they were hired to do. This adds to their self-esteem and makes for a happier work environment.

It Can Enhance Your Company Image

Managers and employees often tend to overlook an office’s cleanliness. They become blind to the reality of the office’s state. This can lead to problems when your company has a lot of visitors.

A company’s image can be damaged by a boss who thinks that the office’s sub-par cleanliness is ‘good enough’. It’s often only when they see what a commercial office cleaning operation can achieve that they realise their mistake.

You Will See an Increase in Productivity

Dirt, dust and grime can harbour germs that can cause illnesses, and the dust alone can cause respiratory problems among your workforce. If you are noticing a general malaise about your workforce or a sharp rise in the number of workdays lost to illness, a thorough office cleaning could be warranted.

Air-conditioner filters are a particular source of pathogens in the office. But any other surface can also be a hideout for germs and microorganisms. By following a regular commercial office cleaning regimen, you should see an increase in the productivity of your staff.

The Company Will Save on Overhead Costs

Your employees are not the only ones who can be adversely affected by dirt, dust and grime. Some companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on computers, copiers and communication systems. These all can have their operational life severely curtailed by a lack of cleanliness in the office.

Carpets, walls and other work surfaces can also suffer due to an unclean work environment and will have to be replaced on an increased basis.

A regularly scheduled commercial office cleaning can save you untold amounts of overhead costs and increase the service life of your electronic machines.

Services include:
Mould Removal

We can clean your commercial or office space daily, weekly or monthly, at your discretion.

Window Cleaning

Keep the space looking professional and fresh with sparkling, clean windows. This package is extra and is $4 per window pane (including the trim and the inside and outside of windows). Please enquire for details.

Rubbish Disposal
Rubbish Disposal

Have all rubbish removed in a regular and timely fashion. We can also assist in your recycling.

Office Cleaning
Restock Supplies

We will restock supplies of toilet paper, soap, hand towels, sanitary items and deodorizers, so you will never run out. Please enquire about our full restocking package.

Hand Towels
Pre and Post Sale Services

If you’re selling a commercial space, make it more attractive to potential buyers with a professional pre or post property clean.

Toilet Cleaning

Spotless sparkling toilets are included in the commercial packages unless they are shared with body corporate.

Boardroom Cleaning

Desks can get messy and dusty, making the office appear untidy. We will dust and clean all desks- no matter how cluttered they are.

Carpet Cleaning
Vacuuming & Mopping

We’ll ensure the floors are spotless with regular mopping and vacuuming.

Kitchen Cleaning

If your office has a kitchen, we will make sure the sink, tables, counters and cupboards are organised and clean.

We can also supply:
Hand Towels
Hand Towels

We can have fresh hand towels ready for you.

Toilet Paper
Toilet Paper

Never run out again. We will replenish lowering stocks.

What our customer has said:

Di’s Cleaning has been regularly cleaning our workplace for many years and we plan to continue our business with them for many years to come. The team is very friendly and professional and will go above and beyond to ensure we are satisfied.

Di’s Cleaning arrive promptly and ready to jump into the job ahead & put in the extra effort to work around our business. For example, the team will clean any areas that staff will be using the most before they arrive for work or if a phone rings they will shut down any loud equipment and get on with a quieter part of the job until the call has ended. The team is always available to answer any questions and they are always up for a friendly chat.

We highly recommend Di’s cleaning for all of your cleaning needs. They keep our showroom, offices & amenities in an immaculate condition each week, even with the heavy traffic that comes through.

Scott Ison, Astivita, QLD

It’s just amazing! Di’s Cleaning saved my business. I am really satisfied with the results of their Services!!

Kevin Kevin, QLD