Our work speaks for itself.

We promise 110% effort and customer satisfaction guaranteed! Our clients are consistently happy with our industrial, office and home cleaning. Hear what they have to say about our cleaning services!

What our customer has said:

Di’s Cleaning has been regularly cleaning our workplace for many years and we plan to continue our business with them for many years to come. The team is very friendly and professional and will go above and beyond to ensure we are satisfied.

Di’s Cleaning arrive promptly and ready to jump into the job ahead & put in the extra effort to work around our business. For example, the team will clean any areas that staff will be using the most before they arrive for work or if a phone rings they will shut down any loud equipment and get on with a quieter part of the job until the call has ended. The team is always available to answer any questions and they are always up for a friendly chat.

We highly recommend Di’s cleaning for all of your cleaning needs. They keep our showroom, offices & amenities in an immaculate condition each week, even with the heavy traffic that comes through.

Scott Ison, Astivita, QLD

It’s just amazing! Di’s Cleaning saved my business. I am really satisfied with the results of their Services!!

Kevin Kevin, QLD